Wind Energy Conversion Systems



Strategies for Characterization, Identification and RObust Control of wind energy COnversion Systems (SCIROCCO)


The main aim of the project SCIROCCO is the improvement of performances and reliability of modern wind energy conversion systems (WECS). Since control design plays a crucial role in WECS, having an immediate impact on the cost of wind energy, it follows that the design of high performance and reliable controllers are essential to enhance to competitiveness of wind technology. The main goal is pursued through the achievement of a number of sub-objectives, such as:design and development of novel control laws for wind turbines, featuring the necessary robustness for dealing with the different operative conditions encountered in practice;design of sensorless control laws for generators in order to increase control performance and for fault detection and and development of novel observers for enhancing efficiency and reducing dependence on environmental measurements.The proposing team shows a high degree of expertise and a clear complementarity. The project SCIROCCO tackles a number of relevant problems, still open, for WECS. Expected results consists in a number of methodological progress and envisaged novelties, as well as technological improvements.